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Stories of Canadian Entrepreneurs Who Persevered During COVID-19.

We're changing the narrative from adversity to opportunity. In this series, we learn how Canada's entrepreneurs stayed resilient during the pandemic and overcame the most challenging moments of their careers.
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Alex Kolodkin, CEO & Founder of Set Scouter, joins us to discuss how he approached operational challenges and setbacks brought on by COVID-19. Alex also shares how the pandemic has affected the film industry specifically, which led to the launch of a new initiative - Safe Sets - designed to help his community get back to work, safely. 


As a result of the pandemic, families are not only coping with the stress of a collapsing economy, they are also struggling to find adequate childcare while schools and daycares remain closed. Elize Shirdel, Founder of HELM Life shares how her team spotted an opportunity, pivoted to completely digitize their childcare services, and became leaders in online activities for kids within a matter of weeks.


In this episode, Alec Levin, CEO & Co-founder of UXRCollective, shares how he reinvented his company's flagship event, UXRConf, to curate a completely virtual experience during the pandemic. Tune in to learn how UXRConf became the world's largest UX research conference, how Alec studied changes in audience behaviour and lifestyle trends, and how he was able to keep ticket prices low while still delivering a premium, virtual experience.


Celebrating stories of relentless Canadian entrepreneurs.

It's hard to deny that 2020 has been one of the most challenging years our generation has ever experienced. Despite the hardships, courageous entrepreneurs have powered through, defied the odds and persevered.


In each episode, we focus on one entrepreneur who turned adversity into opportunity by pivoting their business in response to COVID-19. We'll explore how each founder navigated critical decisions in the wake of uncertainty, and uncover lessons learned along the way. Join us in uplifting Canada's startup community by spreading knowledge, inspiration and helping each other write our own playbook for revival.


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